Saturday 15 November 2014

DreamDots for Spots: Finally, Something that ACTUALLY Works!

Okay, so I've never reviewed any spot treatments before because they're not usually something I incorporate into my skincare routine regularly. Admittedly, I never really used to get any breakouts- it just wasn't a big issue for me. I wish I could say the same... It could definitely be worse but to go from almost nothing to actually seeing visible breakouts is quite disheartening. 100% this is because I've been under enormous amounts of stress from moving and working towards deadlines. 

I just find that average spot treatments can be a bit of a hassle and I never remember to follow through with applying products twice or three times a day. For the most part I rely on my usual cleanse-tone-moisturise steps  and if I do by chance get a breakout, I just try and deal with it and move on.

When I heard about DreamDots, I initially thought... wow this is seriously innovative. When you come to think of it, why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Although you do also think 'okay, fine it's innovative but how well does it actually work?'

I can tell you now... it DOES work! 

The application is really simple and it's great for people like me who often forget to keep re-applying products. With DreamDots, all you have to do is place the dots over your trouble areas and let them do all the work whilst you sleep. 

What I love is that you forget 5 minutes later that you even have anything on your face at all. The become quite transparent once applied so they really don't look too visible at all. 

As you can see, they come in convenient little packets where you can peel one half to apply and take off the other when it's half-way on your skin.

When you wake up, you simply peel them off and in all honesty, you do see the difference right away. It's so refreshing to have a product in the market which puts you at ease when it comes to mother nature's erratic ways. I recommend everyone to try this as I'm so sure that you will love DreamDots just as much as I do!

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