Sunday 19 October 2014

vPersonalize: Now YOU Can Be a Designer!

Often, we have random spur-of-the-moment ideas where we step into the oh-so chic shoes of a fashion designer. We come up with designs that we would love to produce and wear ourselves. From the prints, fabrics, textures... we really think of it all!

But after a few short-lived moments, we usually trash those ideas.

'What's the point?', we often ask ourselves.

What if there actually WAS a way to make your ideas come to life though? Without much time, effort or money? I'm not talking about basic personalisation here. Not ripping some jeans or adding some beading to a top...

I'm talking about actually creating garments from scratch and deciding the details for every single element, just as a designer would.

Taking Exclusive to the Next Level...

I'm so glad I found about vPersonalize as the newly-launched company actually has such a simple concept, yet the site is designed with you in mind.

You can pick an item from their selection and customise every detail using their innovative technology and easy-to-use software.

So for instance, I had a look at their 'Designer Wear' section and chose a tunic.

The items come as a simple, plain garment for you to unleash all your creativity on. A blank canvas if you like.

Unleash Your Inner Designer!

Now, what I found really beneficial is the fact that you can actually choose custom sizes and even pick which material you want. So if I wanted to create the ultimate, luxurious silk tunic with an edgy, unconventional print... I could!

We don't always find the exact things we're looking for in stores and it can be hard to browse through thousands of ready-made products online. Even then, who's to say you're going to find something with the exact details you want? vPersonalize takes care of that by allowing you so much creative freedom to do exactly what you want! Who said custom-made clothing is only for celebs? 

So I was just playing around and I created the start of a very intergalactic, hipster-looking tunic! Naturally if I wanted something more subtle, I could do that. I can even add text and change the colours around for different parts of the tunic. The great thing about the software is that it gives you a 3D view of your item, ensuring that you can actually see what every part of the garment will look like.

What you design = what you will receive. What more could you want?!

I encourage you to check it out and let me know what you think! Have a play around with the functions and create something only you will get your hands on! They ship everywhere within the US but keep your eyes peeled for updates on their Facebook page if you're somewhere else :)

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