Monday 15 September 2014

Virtual Shopping Center: A REALISTIC, 3D Shopping Experience!

As London Fashion Week keeps fashionistas around the city buzzing, the world is preparing to see the experience of shopping change forever. What I'm about to let you in on is truly a revolutionary idea in the fashion tech industry and I am genuinely excited to see it all unfold...

Virtual Shopping Center was brought about by Jelena, a busy mum and business owner. Unforunately, what was once an enjoyable, escapist venture out became a hectic nightmare- shopping was never the same again. We all love a shopping break to chill out and unwind but when you need a break from THAT, you know there's a problem...

Shopping is not an activity that is meant to make you feel lonesome or stressed out. We need to put the initial fun back into the exciting, enjoyable, stress-free shopping experience that we once loved.

Jelena had enough. She wanted to change the game completely and under the name Gatebizzcommunications, she founded Virtual Shopping Centre in order to transform our usual flat, 2D online shopping experience into something 3D, realistic and most importantly- FUN!

A huge bonus with this concept is that you do not have to download any additional software to operate it. You can also pay for all your purchases in one single transaction, meaning you can go to as many stores as you like and save time paying. This really and truly is a 'no hassle' experience after all!

If that wasn't enough, you can also interact with your friends if you all log on together on your lunch break one day. You can browse through some stores, share thoughts about the pros and cons of that new leather handbag and it will all feel like you're there together as a group. Perfect.

Now for me personally, I still love going out shopping when I get the time but as everyone is so busy these days, the rise of online shopping is as omnipresent as ever. The only logical next step would be to try and take the realistic experience of browsing in a mall and translating that on a computer screen. It's quite a drastic concept but what I've seen from Virtual Shopping Center reassures me that this is most definitely going to be a success as it's so cutting-edge and innovative.

Anyone and everyone can use this, from bloggers, shopaholics, busy mums, working business people... the possibilities are endless as everything is tailored personally to you and you can tick your favourite stores when you sign up to receive offers and news about your chosen brands.

The Inside Scoop...

Jelena Bjelovuk, Business Owner and Creator says, 'After carefully thinking about the whole shopping experience - you know, chatting with your girlfriends, window shopping, price comparison etc., I have come up with the idea of Virtual Shopping Center. One of the main reasons was to provide future fans with a completely new and different kind of shopping experience which will be fun, convenient and time saving. The thing I am most proud of is the high-level of technological innovation that we have developed. It enables this kind of web platform to work flawlessly on all computers with average preferences and Internet speed. This platform has a great potential to expand even further and can be used for development of other e-businesses.'

Branislava Rakić, Online PR tells me, 'Working on such a huge project is very exciting. We all get to contribute with our ideas of what we’d like to see inside Virtual Shopping Center and then the tech guys tells us if we can do it or not. For the last year, I’ve learned a lot about technology but also about marketing, so I can tell I’m so much richer for the knowledge and experience now.'

How You Can Get Involved

Currently, Virtual Shopping Center will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to help complete their development stages. I will link all the details to this as it's released so you can get involved in the latest, breakthrough concept in the fashion tech industry!

You can also follow their social media pages to receive the latest updates:


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