Saturday 20 September 2014

London Fashion Week Part 2: Bohemian Fashion SS15

So onwards with my London Fashion week journey...

I had the privilege of attending the Bohemian Fashion SS15 Show and meeting the lovely designer, Monica Nechifor. Admittedly, I didn't know too much about the brand until I went to the show but after I saw the exquisite designs, I have become such a big fan.

What I love most was the intimate setting of the show. Everyone gathered around whilst the models strutted down the edgy pub venue. I thought the venue gave everything more personality... it's always nice to go to contemporary, unique events and see things out of the ordinary.

Clearly a lot of work and effort went into this collection but it turned out beautifully and I met some lovely people at the show who loved it just as much as I did!

Not the best pic of me but who cares!
My Outfit

I really wasn't sure what to wear but I went for a pair of Zara leather leggings which I have never gotten a chance to wear. I thought they were perfect for LFW teamed with a comfortable oversized blouse. Lots of Primark here, I must warn you! Also teamed grey and black shades to bring in AW14. 

Oversized Top: Primark
Leather Leggings: Zara
Chain: Primark
Shoes: Primark 
On With the Show...

I thought the show was beautiful.

Bohemian Fashion displayed a variety of elegant, high-end pieces for special occasions as well as a lovely variety of airy white blouses with gorgeous textures and details. Everything was simple and effortlessly bohemian- ideal for stylish women who want to look good without the hassle.

The look below looked divine coming down the runway. It is a long, figure-hugging gown with a dramatic bow detail on the side. It is such a feminine and luxurious dress- ideal for special occasions where you want to turn heads!

I thought the piece below was so stylish! The clothes are loose and comfortable, yet the red pattern adds a striking edge to the blouse. Teamed with a vivid, multicoloured patterned skirt, the outfit definitely makes a statement.

A Word from the Talented Designer...

At the end of the show, Monica said a few words about the collection and what it represents to her. After she spoke, I really understood how all the pieces worked together. Everything is created to celebrate women as they are in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

The collection is diverse, yet simple. It is chic, yet not over the top. Everything about it is different to what you see coming down high-fashion runways in Paris and Milan and that is precisely the reason why I adore it so much and I totally agree with Monica- women everywhere should feel appreciated for who they are!

I will definitely be having a look out for updates from Bohemian Fashion and letting you guys know the latest but be sure to have a look here for all the updates:


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