Saturday 27 September 2014

London Fashion Week Part 3: Tramp In Disguise SS15 + More LFW Pics!

Right, apologies for such a late post! With the start of uni again, things have been extra busy and I have been meaning to post this for such a long time! For my final part of London Fashion Week, I got to see Tramp In Disguise's live photoshoot for their stylish new SS15 collection!

As we walked through the gorgeous ME London hotel, the luscious models posed for the camera in the new collection- not to mention some amazingly styled hair and makeup. Check out the vibrancy of that red-toned hair! 

The collection had some gorgeous colours for SS15 including subtle shades of pink and baby blue- ideal for creating feminine looks. Although what I love most about Tramp In Disguise is the edginess in everything. Whilst the colours may be feminine, the graphic prints really make a statement and this  is definitely a collection for empowered, sexy and confident females. Ladies who aren't afraid to be bold with their fashion and turn heads on the street.

I loved the idea of using speech bubbles too! The quotes are funny and humour really helps to bring out the brand's values. Sass, wit and boldness are everywhere and I am a fan of it all.

With some chunky jewellery and heels, the looks really do come alive. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing but it's almost as if you're meant to look at the looks and dig deep into every detail because clearly a lot of work has gone into the designs. I personally love the dress above with the evil eye pattern- so chic!

Check out Tramp In Disguise below & let me know what you think of the collection!


My Outfit + Somerset House Pics!

So what did I wear for the last day of LFW... I decided to go girly and bright. I wanted to be bold with the neon skirt, hopefully it worked!

Basic Tee: Primark
Neon Skirt: River Island
Bag: Forever 21
Boots: River Island 
After the shoot, I met up with a couple of friends and we strolled around Somerset House which had a buzzing atmosphere for fashion week. I saw lots of fresh street style and people rushing off to shows I can only dream of going to. One day...

Me, Lizzie P, Josh Milton & Tasha Green!

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