Friday 26 February 2016

London Fashion Week AW16: Éthologie by Jasper Garvida

Éthologie holds a special place in my heart. Why? Well because it was one of my first ever fashion shows! I remember the excitement I had experiencing my first London Fashion Week and attending all the Felicities PR shows at ME London hotel. 

I adored their collection then and appreciated Jasper Garvida's feminine tones. There was lots of shimmer, glitter, embellishment & cute 70s silhouettes and coming to his show a couple years later, it was refreshing to see some new textures but also many of the same intricacies. 

The show dabbled between high-impact glamour looks and more subtle, toned-down everyday outfits. Take the look below... it is classy, simple and does the trick. I think we'll be seeing a ton of open waterfall coats with that 'throw on top' vibe very shortly.

The glamorous looks were just fierce hunny! I was living for all of them because as we all know, I live for shiny things. Although there was still lots of glitz and glam, there weren't too many ultra girly silhouettes... rather bomber jackets that glittered in the light. I love the juxtaposition of masculinity with femininity though.

The model below worked that runway like anything. The pose just screams 'fierce'!

This was an interesting look that grabbed everyone's eyes and not for the shimmer this time. It was the snood which covered half the model's face. 'Can she even see?' Perhaps you don't need to see her... after all this bitch is bad & will trudge through the snow (and you) to make her appointment ;)

I was all the way here for this cute bodycon dress. At first the belt seems out of place but now I really think it works to add that masculine edge this season.

Very cute look here... the jacket does all the talking & paired with a metallic miniskirt, this outfit is beyond 'statement'. Interestingly, the models wore sunglasses for an AW show which is quite rare but as part of the whole non-confromist, borderline obnoxious vibe, I totes see it working.

This year, the Éthologie girl is someone who embodies confidence, power and will stomp out her competition any day of the week. I really enjoyed this collection and look forward to seeing the development of the line in years to come...

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