Monday 18 May 2015

Mink & Stone Review: Customised 'Doll Life' Bracelet

At the last Bloggers Love Hub event, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Mink & Stone who showed me their innovative concept up close and personal. Just by saying that I was into glam, statement pieces, a necklace was formed on an iPad within about a minute.

I was amazed at how quick the process was and how many different selections you could make. Immediately, I thought 'wow wouldn't this be a great gift idea?' Think about it, we all have someone who perhaps isn't the easiest to shop for and has their own taste so if you could personally design a piece for them, wouldn't that save us the hassle of fake smiles and thank yous?

I just had to try out Mink & Stone for myself. Initially, I was a bit concerned that the designs would turn out cheap looking because most of the customisable jewellery places I've found before are really quite basic. Perhaps you can add someone's name or something and that's about it... but not with Mink & Stone...

As you can see, this was my first creation... the 'Doll Life' bracelet. When starting the design process, I was amazed at how I could change the tiniest details such as the colour of the clasp. It truly is a unique and extensive design site like no other that I have come across. I based my design on a pre-existing look to save time but I changed around the beads and added some of my own ideas, especially the 'doll' part. 

The good thing is you can work according to your budget and needs. You can see how much each bead or ornament costs before adding it to your design so you can have an idea of how much you will spend. Also, I loved the sheer amount of beads available to me... literally so many colours and types of stone, I was very impressed. 

I was incredibly excited when Mink & Stone posted this picture before sending out my bracelet! It turned out absolutely beautifully and just what I wanted. What you design is what you will receive, nothing less and nothing more. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to believe that you will receive the same product you are designing on a virtual platform but Mink & Stone came through with magnificent results. 

In terms of customer service, they were fantastic at replying to my emails quickly and providing a trustworthy service. I felt like I was put first as a customer which is very important, especially when you are dealing with a customisation site as you want everything to come out just as you'd like it too. 

When I got the package, my bracelet arrived in a convenient velvet pouch so I can store it safely, as well as a cute 'thank you' note!

Here's me wearing my design! It fit perfectly as there are lots of hooks so that's also one less thing to worry about. Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out Mink & Stone as I had no negatives about them at all. It's really great if you're tired of all the same old high-street jewellery lines or want to surprise someone with an extra-special treat with lots of thought put into it :)

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