Wednesday 27 May 2015

Minimalist Paradise: Serafin Andrzejak AW15 Review

After recently debuting his AW15 collection in Poland, I just had to review this collection after Caption PR sent me over Serafin Andrzejak's amazing lookbook. 

Immediately, the continuity in his work captivated me as I was so impressed at how he was able to take one uniform colour & create so many beautiful designs, often changing simple things along the way, yet it made a huge, huge difference.

Reading more about him, I realised that his trademark is in fact combining classical elegance with distinctive blacks so it's no surprise that this collection shows off this talent so much...

5 Favourites Explained

Keeping the styles of the shoes and socks the same ensured that all the focus were on the pieces themselves which is great and key within minimalist fashion. The slicked back hair also looks fabulous & classy. I give props to hair & makeup because I think it works phenomenally well with the aesthetic of this collection, especially with the dark smoky eyes & nude lips to add to the edginess.

This look below is absolutely stunning. I truly think that exposed shoulders is the new exposed midriff & works 10x better at flaunting femininity... it's something about baring them that compliments the silhouette so nicely and makes up for no cleavage on show either. That's another thing I like with this collection... perhaps its because Serafin designs unisex that this collection finds a balance between feminine and masculine on the woman. There are no revealing looks but that doesn't make this a conservative line at all, it's edgy & out there but also effortless.

Am I a huge fan of the socks vibe with this dress? No, but I can see why the footwear is kept the same so I'm willing to go along with it...

Below I think its one of my favourite pieces. The textures remind me of Alexander Wang somewhat. This coat is a statement piece but it's not a striking plum or an Hermès-esque tan colour that you may expect for winter... I think people have forgotten that black will always win & triumph over all, it's not boring by far and if you think about it, black styles will transcend time & trends over pops of colour, guaranteed.  

The sports-luxe look is amazing and it compliments the model so well. I can imagine this would be an amazing coat for AW to slim you down, keep you warm & give you that fierce 'look at me' vibe because those silvery-grey panels bring it all the way to life.

I really love the following frayed boucle type of jumper in the grey because it's practical for the season, yet it beats the standard knitted jumper and looks distressed, keeping with the unconventional theme of the collection.

I just adore this dress, I really do. I'm beginning to really see the value of minimalist fashion now and I suddenly want to change the vibe of my wardrobe & get some really simple black dresses because of it. This crossover bodice is such a classy touch to the dress but spices it up from being overshadowed in a party... I mean you will undoubtedly still make a statement wearing this but its not overly loud or bold. Sometimes it truly is about the details and I think that this collection is monumental in proving that.

Finally I loved the look below because I'd expect it to stay structured and fitted all the way to the hem but instead it flares out and defies expectations. I think the new thing is to make coats the statement piece as opposed to the dress underneath & especially in AW, when you're out you're bound to be seen wearing a coat so you might as well make that capture some attention and this definitely will with its coat-dress flow. The centred gold zip is especially beautiful and something I really pay attention to with items... even a well-placed and well-coloured zip can really transform a garment.

Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing this collection and it opened my eyes to the beauty of minimalism within fashion. Sometimes it's not all about being loud & bold... often you can capture more attention just by wearing subtler looks, especially to the well-trained fashion eye. I look forward to seeing more from Serafin & will definitely keep you all updated!

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