Tuesday 11 February 2014

Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2014 + Personal Update

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Seeing F/W 2014 catwalks on social media sites has really made me nostalgic over blogging. Circumstances in the last few months have definitely stopped me from posting content because I hate delivering mediocre reviews that I myself aren't proud of. I honestly appreciate all the views I've accumulated over the year and I thank you all for continuing to support and read my articles. I can't abandon this platform I created for myself in 2012. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to get on here and share my opinions on fashion. To this day, I have barely made use of analytics or marketing tools. Having said that, I would love for this blog to grow in size and to develop as much as possible. Having personally encountered people that seem to have negative things to say about this platform is only a driving factor for me to continue to post content. I believe ambition is key in life and you will constantly have people that divert their insecurities in order to put down your work. It doesn't matter what you're doing, just make sure you continue to do what makes you happy and let nobody tell you that something is too big for you to achieve.

Back to Business: Christian Siriano

Now, back to the fun part. I decided to review Christian Siriano's collection as I love exploring designers that are new to me. Instead of going for Wang or Marc Jacobs first, I decided to take a look at this seriously talented designer as a few images of his collection caught my eye on Facebook.

The collection takes elegant to a whole new level. It celebrates the female body in such a demure, ladylike way. The transitioning between fabrics and colour is also a true work of art for such a young designer. 

By far, this is my favourite piece in the collection. The gold details are very unexpected but the rich pine green  certainly isn't. This is definitely red-carpet worthy as the lycra-like fabric will undoubtedly accentuate a small figure. 

A simple alpacca coat for the winter season. Oversized has definitely been on-trend in high fashion, as well as high street recently. It makes a change from the more fitted pea coats and peplum jackets.

This is a look I decided to pick because of its clean cut and simplicity. Monochrome will never go out of style, especially with the effortless, slouch trousers and the structured bag. 

This is definitely a visual manifestation of Siriano's talents. Clearly this is no average dress. I love the fitted bodice and the flared skirt, as well as the gothic-like blackness to this dress. 

This look definitely has a 60s feel to it, especially with the mid-length pleated skirt.  I adore the combination of olive green with black- two perfectly coordinated colours for fall. The skirt itself is very flattering and the sheen to the fabric easily makes this a transitional piece from day to night. This look is all about taking historical fashion and making it appealing to the women of today. Props to Siriano.

Photo credits: Jay Marroquin www.jaymarroquin.com

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