Wednesday 3 July 2013

Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2013 Couture Review

Margiela has become a designer that I tend to admire, simply because of the consistency in the designs itself and its uniqueness to others. Margiela has naturally increased in popularity in the mainstream world, with rappers such as Kanye West constantly mentioning the brand in lyrics and wearing pieces from the range.

In my eyes, Margiela pride itself on creating almost "unisex" pieces which would fit the body types of males and females. Risks are things which the brand is not afraid to take at all, yet some of the best pieces are very simple and luxurious because of the rich fabrics and quality of those fabrics.

This is the third season that Margiela will have graced the Couture runway after gaining the Couture label. Joining Christian Dior and Chanel, Margiela is now up there with the major, major designers and clearly has an atelier capable enough of delivering the standards needed.

This collection was definitely something original to the Couture runway. We saw latex fabrics, splashes of colour in one look and the renowned masks on each model. A trademark for Margiela.

I almost felt as though the mixture of "strange" latex looks with then "pretty" gowns towards the end represented Margiela perfectly. It can now do both. It can produce these oversized, Alexander-Wang like pieces and use uncalled-for fabrics to do so and then go ahead and create gowns that are red-carpet worthy for celebrities who like to have something a little different to the Ellie Saab's etc.

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