Wednesday 12 December 2012

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2013

If anyone's going to take a different approach to Pre-Fall, it's Proenza Schouler.

Set against a pure white background, 16 looks were produced. All of which, very (and I hate to overuse this term) "edgy", unusual and wild. However, not so incredibly OTT that they become unwearable.

The collection starts with a white and black ensemble  The graphic trousers paired with the white jacket  is a little  too much white for me, yet will appeal to thousands.

A staple black leather jacket is necessary in every girl's wardrobe. Schouler have provided exactly that. No studs, spikes etc. just a plain basic jacket to throw over everything, yet the spice is thrown back in with the "torn" skirt.

Then we see something truly magnificent. It almost seems as though the collection starts off with  basic colours presented in a edgy yet fairly simple way and then we see these metallics pop out of nowhere. The jacket is like staring at artwork. It is infused with this shimmery pattern of blue and is finished off with the black. The unusual design of it is appealing, with the diagonal structure. 

Another gorgeous, fiery metallic. The gold skirt is truly pretty and is definitely paired best with a  plain black and white  jumper, though I'm not a fan of turtleneck. 

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