Friday 7 December 2012

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2013 Review

Recently announced the new creative director of Balenciaga, Wang showed his Pre-Fall 2013 collection in New York. There are mixed reviews of his new position, which is a different story altogether but I am personally excited to see what he'll bring to the table... he might be able to give Balenciaga an extra edgy side to couture unlike anything we've ever seen before. In spite of this, Wang showed 20 pieces which showed his confidence in “blur(ring) the distinction between the individual garment piece.” The collection oozed a unisex look with clean tailoring and simplicity above everything.

The colour palette was black, grey and white. Similar to what we saw with his S/S RTW 2013 collection, which I reviewed extremely positively. 

Slick and suave. Perfect example of the "unisex" concept. The woman's suit is vamped up with a leather black underlay.

One of my favourites. It's so unique. The leather braces are gorgeous and the square backpack case is so original. The collar is cute and adds that tiny bit of femininity the look needs.

In black and white, this dress works. It works because it's SIMPLE. Simple draping of the fabric over the shoulder and a typical Wang leather belt. Office-to-dinner look much?

Wang has always been about bringing streetwear to catwalk standards. This grey sweatshirt and trouser combination proves just that. The look appears a bit crumpled, which I do like as it adds to this idea that everything doesn't have to be 100% polished. A confident woman can look good in anything, even casual looks like this. It's jazzed up with a clutch, although this is plain white to add to the minimalist look.

My favourite look of the collection. This is what Wang was trying to do... blur the lines. The top could be a jacket or a vest, no-one knows. The diagonal side zip is just too cute and this is exactly what makes me excited about the future of office-wear.

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