Thursday 14 April 2016

Pop PR x Public Image PR AW16 Press Day

Life has really hit me full-force these last couple of weeks and I have been rushing around like a maniac running errands but I couldn't let myself miss the whole AW16 press day season. I am a blogger after all! (Plus I need as many distractions as poss right now). 

I was happy to make the Pop PR press day and it was fab to see them team up with Public Image PR too. I thought the collaboration worked perfectly... double the chicness! 

Oh btw I just wanted everyone to know that I was trying out my new Fujifilm X-Pro 1 which I will admit I have no idea how to work so if the images aren't the best, I do apologise. I'm quite useless and just need to learn as I go along... 

Pop PR

The first piece that grabbed my eye was this stunning dress from Michaela Frankova. The detail was impeccable. This talented designer uses Chinese silk, lace, tulle & jacquard techniques which explains why her bespoke creations come to life so beautifully...
No wonder this was the finale look for the Ashely Isham show :O What an absolute beauty. This image does it no justice whatsoever but let me tell you, this dress is a work of art. I am so feeling the medieval vibes from this full-length embroidered gown. 

I couldn't help but notice this stand-out jacket on the rail. I mean, look at it! I feel crappy after purchasing a plain leather jacket now. Colour-blocking done very classily from Andrew Majtenyi

Public Image PR

As soon as I saw this embellished bomber jacket I just had to try it on. I am a sucker for hybrids like this <3 I absolutely adore everything about the concept of Dry Clean Only & I'm so glad I got to see some of their pieces this press day. From the detail going down the sleeves to the beads on the Nike tick- it gives me life. Pure life.

Something about this DROMe combo just does it for me. If I had the body I would so rock this miniskirt with its loud belt. The Tiffany blue blouse is everything too... like I can see this working as a key statement piece... pair it with black skinnies or a bold miniskirt like this and it would work either way.

Ughhhhh this is so ME!!! I love shiny things & this metallic woven jacket needs to get in my wardrobe ASAP. Imagine filming an OOTD with this, distressed hotpants & heels on with The Life of Pablo playing. YASSS! (Why am I not a director yet?) High-end meets sports luxe at Louise Assomo.

You may have seen this beauty on my IG already... it caught mine and many other's eye. Absolutely loving the BDSM vibes this season, I really am. ;) Fierceness from Zana Bayne.
These hexagonal shades (I passed KS3 Maths at least) are everything! I so need to experiment more with shapes now, I feel a little bit over my aviators when I see cute styles like this...

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