Wednesday 14 October 2015

'I Own This Town.... In a £5 Playsuit'

I was meant to upload this outfit ages & ages ago! -__-

As you can see this shot was taken on my holiday in Goa, India. I wanted to do a budget outfit look that can be worn 100% effortlessly and here's what I came up with... 

I know it's a bit 'huh' to post in October but hopefully some of you will be going on holiday soon.... right?! D: 

(Also I wanted everyone to know that whilst standing on these stairs to shoot I was indeed gawked at by a random elderly woman & golf instructor who probably thought I was some odd neon-coloured creature. I guess the slay was too much for them.)

Playsuit: Primark, £5
Wedges: River Island, £25

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