Monday 7 September 2015

Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015: Highlights

Well what to say about Lakme Fashion Week... first of all I am so happy I actually had a chance to attend! It's always been a goal of mine to see first hand what the fashion shows are like here in India and experience the buzzing atmosphere of fashion week. Now I've ticked that off the list! I don't think I can count the time I was like 8 years old where they served me chicken nuggets and chips...

Fashion week was just... everything I thought it would be. There was an air of opulence and pretentiousness... it seemed so exclusive and chic. It was situated in the Palladium Hotel which is known to be one of the absolute best luxury hotels in Mumbai. Plus it's right next to the Palladium Mall which has your whole stretch of Gucci, Chanel, Louis... everything. So basically every day I would roll up and exit the car eagerly awaiting to see the first outfits of the attendees.

Slightly surprisingly but also not, everyone was in Western wear. You could definitely see the Chanel flap bags, retro Fendi ones and obviously some Céline. More than the upscale dressy types, I loved seeing the bold edgy ones, most likely Instagram bloggers who turned up with blue and pink hair rocking mesh, huge flatforms and that kinda thing. So all in all, it's similar to London Fashion Week.

Even as a blogger I was extremely lucky to even get in thanks to everyone helping me out and getting in touch with their contacts (thank you Delna, Ria, Nandini, Denzil, Jeanine!) The official blogger accreditation process was closed so I couldn't go through with that and even so, I doubt they would accept me as I don't have a million views per month like some of these crazy famous ones.

To sum it up it was hectic, tiring, amazing, and simply stunning. I loved that I got to attend very popular high-end shows and young break-through designers too. The first show I was super anxious because I got turned away at the door but eventually people did their thang and just about got me inside. I went from standing right at the back to sitting 2nd row behind actresses and models towards the end. I just felt so alive there, I love to get inspired and see things that make me nostalgic, intrigued or in love.

So anyway I've decided instead of doing a million separate posts, I would sum up the highlights of the shows I saw. I apologise if quality isn't too great with some pics. Admittedly I do now have a professional DSLR but I am pretty useless with it and only just realised I don't have a zoom lens. So until then, it's iPhone 6 and digital cam quality for now... sorry peoples don't send me death threats kthanksbye xo

Namrita Joshipura 

Incredible LED lighting at the start of Namrita's show which wow-ed the whole audience.

Avatar-inspired ear-pieces teamed with futuristic vibe dresses and shimmery gowns.


Unexpectedly conservative headscarfs and fully-covered pieces which open up at the back to skimpy shorts. A take on women's freedom and right to choose, perhaps?

Airy and light rocker-chic skull dress... very wearable.


In-your-face double pattern dress with monochrome contrast.

Lots of Asian-inspired looks with a casual vibe and loud slogans like 'RSVP' and 'Yours Truly'.

Aartivijay Gupta

Power model couple strut their stuff in quirky fruit prints and vintage style gingham.

Super doll-like girly tie-up cape with a picnic-blanket type pattern... adorbs!


Very feminine and effortless cream fit-to-flare gown.

Pops of colour as fuchsias and black appeared out of nowhere with lovely white naturist details.

Ritu Kumar

Glamorous in gold- a mix of a traditional female armlet with a masculine head-dress.
Show-stopping pink number... very elegant and regal.

Flowing trail turned the audience's heads as the gold shimmer caught the light.

A jaw-dropping collection using traditional Baranasi weave techniques.

Very rich fabrics with hues of purple, gold and royal blue.

The beautiful Aditi Rao Hydari who closed the show in a two-piece with a gold metal belt.

 Sonaakshi Raaj

Detailed beadwork on a neutral canvas and layered fabric to add volume.

Very intricate purple bodycon dress with a mesh neck and jewelled bodice.

Gorgeous two-tone metallic fringe details on the back of a minidress.

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