Monday 20 April 2015

RefME: The Miracle Tool for Students

I know you're probably thinking... wait isn't this a fashion and beauty blog? Answer: yes. 

However, as you probably all know, I'm a current university student studying English with Film Studies and I know that a lot of my readers are likely to be students too. So why not shift the focus for a second so I can bring you some information on a fantastic tool I have been using to get through my work?

If you're at uni, chances are you're probably in the middle of a quarter-life-crisis right now, trying to get through the mass amounts of essays and revision. Like me, you're probably wondering what the point of your life is whilst staring at the Word document on your screen (if that's not the case, well aren't you damn lucky...)

Point is we are all get incredibly stressed out about work at one point or another and if you study a degree which tends to involve lots of essays, you'll know the absolute head-throbbing pain that is referencing. It really is a killer. All this time I've spent ages creating the references myself, following a style guide, spending hours just making sure all the commas and full stops are in the right places. 

All until RefME came along... 

I was actually first told about the tool by a uni friend and I thought it sounded great but I wasn't sure how comprehensive it really was until I tried it for myself. First, I tried out the web tool where you can pick your specific style guide whether it be MLA, MRHA, whatever you want. Next, you simply search for the text you want to reference, pick the right one and all of a sudden, it manifests the reference for you in footnote AND bibliography style.

Now you've literally gone from searching hours on end, endlessly going back and forth from style guide to Word, to actually being able to hit copy and paste. 

What's more, they have a handy app too which syncs all your information from the web tool so you can go anywhere and use RefME without a care in the world. 

I found the app really simple to use as it had the same format as the web tool. I loved the fact that I could scan codes from the back of books too, making my life so much easier. 

As you can see below, RefME puts all my references in one neat list so I can scroll through and make notes if needed. Here, I've just got all my references in one but to make life easier, you can just create separate projects for each essay you have to do. Once you're finished with all the references, you can click 'export' and it will form a bibliography for you then and there. What an absolute time-saver! 

Overall, I'm so happy to have gotten introduced to RefMe as it's definitely made the essay-writing process a lot easier and this is something all busy students will appreciate I'm sure!

Generally, I was able to find all the books/videos/journal articles that I needed with minor exceptions so this is definitely an extensive tool to use. Mostly, the reference format came out exactly the way I would like it to be but even if I had to change or delete one or two things, it still saved me a hell of a lot of time as you can imagine.

Don't take my word for it though, head over to RefME's site or download the app now and try it for yourself! Thank me later xo

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