Monday 7 April 2014

Black is the New Black: 10 Buys I'll Never Regret

As of late, I've started to consider whether some of my previous purchases have been worth it. I've definitely learnt the hard way when it comes to being sensible, but I was once a self-proclaimed impulse shopper. 

'People who like to shop for fun are more likely to buy on impulse. We all want to experience pleasure, and it can be a lot of fun to go shopping and imagine owning the products we see that we like. Once we start experiencing pleasure as a result of this sense of vicarious ownership, we’re more likely to buy those products so that we can continue to experience that pleasure' - a simple psychological breakdown of impulse shopping (Ian Zimmerman). 

Fashion A.D.H.D.

So does that mean that all impulse shoppers are prone to buying things they will inevitably regret in the future? Probably. If you experience 'vicarious ownership' and you have to purchase a new LBD to receive instant gratification, chances are you will rapidly lose interest in the item after a while. It makes sense when you come to think about it. How many of us can honestly say that we don't get bored of the clothes we buy after a couple of wears?

Personally, I realise now that I hit an extreme when I would buy things to wear once and refuse to wear them again. I still have no idea why I did this, considering I'm in such a privileged position to even have new things to wear every day. I suppose it was an image thing... perhaps I wanted to continuously recreate my image.

Staple Items >>> 

Before I get too psychological, I will move on to talk about some of my own purchases. Everyone's familiar with the saying '____ is the new black', but black will never go out of style in fashion. Wearing all-black is actually a huge trend. It's one of those colours that you can always use as the base of your outfit and then colour block, add white for a monochrome look, or experiment with metallics. It's versatile and it suits everybody so if you're an impulse shopper too, consider whether what you're buying will be worn in a few months time. Is it seasonal? Will it suit day and night looks? If you're unsure, go for something black and you won't have any issues.

I've gathered 10 items that I believe I'll get a lot of wear out of...

Clutch with wrist strap, Jasper Conran at Debenhams. 

Faux leather shorts, New Look.

Lace-up biker boots, Schuh. 

Silicone watch with black dial, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Cropped blazer, H&M.

Quilted sweatshirt, River Island.

Loafers, Primark. 

Shearling jacket, River Island. (P.S. much cheaper alternative to the Acne jackets). 

Studded leggings, Versace for H&M.

High-waist tuxedo leggings, Topshop. 

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