Sunday 19 May 2013

Christian Dior Resort 2014

Raf Simons is continually proving to the world that he is going to lead Dior into a sanctuary of timeless, yet modern clothing which clientèle won't be able to resist.

The show was held in Monaco, where Grace Kelly celebrated her engagement in a Dior gown. I suppose Simons wanted to pay homage to the brand.

The Resort collection for 2014 felt unrestricted from previous collections at Dior. It was fragmented and unclear at times. Simons certainly took a risk using lace, a material he does not usually work with.

It seems that there's a sort of distorted romance amongst this collection, one of which screams happily married with a white picket fence and the other is undefinable or certainly more "realistic", if you will.

As you browse the collection, pops of colours flash before your eyes, almost as if Simons is tempting us with bursts of neons until we get the full colour maintained on one piece.

For a resort collection, it really works with the summery vibe and light materials.

An indigo suit with a rounded sillouhete for the blazer. Nicely shaped with the lace underlay. 

Something vibrant and bright. A rippled, fuchsia jacket which doubles as a dress.  The tidy hair and  bright lip do this look wonders.

A hard-hitting neon yellow in a small quantity works wonderfully with otherwise elegant materials of silver and white. The gold cuff compliments the shade of yellow.

Simons taking monochrome with a twist here. It's almost as if the look is disrupted with the pink  section. You can certainly imagine a "normal" Dior dress in a shade of that dusty pink trailing down, yet we are only given a snippet. A metaphoric look, perhaps? 

One of my favourite looks of the collection. The rounded sunglasses are stunning and compliment the "suave and sophisticated  look of this outfit well. I adore the tightness of the waist and then the free flowing material at the bottom. The zip is perfect and adds a slight sense of sportiness to an otherwise simple look.

Pretty and delicate in white. A look to be expected on the likes of Kate Middleton.  The bubble skirt  adds a nice contrast to the expected torso. 

Beachy and mermaid-like. Shades of aqua and mint green compliment each other with this shiny material.  The luminescent dress is stunning and daring at the same time. 

The staple dress of the collection, I'd say. No two sides are the same. Simons goes for daring, sheer lace with a romantic edge on the right along with an edgy, colourful and striped look on the left. Definitely out of the ordinary but perfect for portraying what Simons stands for.

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