Monday 25 March 2013

Vera Wang's Outrageous New Try-On Fee

Our beloved Vera Wang has designed bridal gowns for some pretty elite clientele but she may have taken a step too far.

Currently, the newly opened Vera Wang bridal store in Shanghai is charging customers a £317.70 equivalent to try on any bridal gowns. Whether or not this try-on fee will expand to her other worldwide stores is unknown but I personally think it's ridiculous.

Clearly, copyright is a huge issue and protection of your brand and items that are worth thousands upon thousands is necessary. Photos are already forbidden in her stores which is vital. Why the fee?

If clients decide to purchase a gown, the fee is wavered but if not, they'll have to pay up. Now some might say £317 is nothing to someone who can afford a £317,000 Vera Wang gown but there are many that are a lot more simple and range in the £3,000-£4,000 region too. Surely, most soon-to-be brides aspire to wear Vera Wang but choice is still out there and this fee could certainly detract potential clients from even bothering entering the bridal store.

Bad move Vera!

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