Wednesday 28 November 2012

Kristian Aadnevik

When Nicole Scherzinger walked out in that flowing combination of lace, spikes and a gorgeous, light and airy skirt on the X Factor, I couldn't help but think "Who. Designed. That?" Seriously, it was like my dream dress.

It had everything I'd want in one piece and it fitted her like a glove, although when does anything not... (Sidetrack: The last dress she wore on Sunday was a TOPSHOP dress, ladies and gentleman, not McQueen or Marchesa, Topshop. Wow.)

Kristian Aadnevik is an absolute God when it comes to fashion. His S/S 2013 collection is, in my eyes, a divine masterpiece. The collection has a certain fluency to it with its sexiness and elegance, especially seen with the shorter minidresses with draping that comes alive on the runway. 

I'm a huge fan of the strapless sweetheart necklines that flatter the female figure and Aadnevik knows how to deliver these pieces. Any girl can wear his pieces on a night out to literally transform themselves into a goddess and there's no question that they'll have the best outfit...

Like the style of the dress Scherzinger wore recently, his S/S 2013 collection features a bodycon minidress with full lace and spikes on the neckline. Daring and rock chic.

Without a doubt, Aadnevik has become one of my favourites and is definitely one to look out for in the industry.

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