Tuesday 9 October 2012

Christopher Kane S/S 2013

Christopher Kane has emerged as a highly successful British designer over the last few years and this collection is a symbol of his artistic and unconventional ideas.

The palette of colours used were based on pastel colours and Kane claimed they were "colours that make you feel a bit sick". 

Risk-taking was everywhere in this collection and whilst there were beautiful, simple looks, looks which seemed to be based on horror pop out of nowhere which you can't help but stare at immensely, wondering how his mindset works. 

A white, side-zipped bomber jacket and pencil skirt. Clean and fresh.

Continuation of the girly, beautiful atmosphere with baby pink and creative layering of the fabric to move away from the typical office-type wear. 

Boom. A Gothic look appears. With this being said, I am absolutely in love with the leather jacket. The flower pattern and the multiple zips in "weird" places twist my arm. It's something I've never seen before, which is why Kane delivers with this collection. 

Again, an unexpected Frankenstein t-shirt appears. Edginess and roughness sum this look up. The Christopher Kane girl must be prepared to take risks.

I love bows and this blouse is gorgeous in my opinion. I love how it reveals the midriff and the chiffon bow to cover the chest is a great, on-trend detail. Could definitely make a good evening look.

Not much description is needed here. Kane has taken a feminine, playful look with pinks and whites and trashed it with black labels everywhere. Definitely a statement look to say the least. Without reading too much into it, it's as if Kane wants to represent an unfiltered woman with lack of limitations and boundaries. Should we be more open to moving away from overly feminine looks?

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