Saturday 15 September 2012

London Fashion Week: House of Holland S/S 2013

A new thing for me: posting practically straight after a show has ended at London Fashion Week. A good thing about this is that I don't get a chance to read anyone else's opinion first, I'm writing entirely based on my views, which is what I do anyway but sometimes I take into consideration other people's opinions and comment on them. However, I don't get to see the collection on Youtube or on video anywhere, but I'll try my best.

These are a few brief thoughts about the House of Holland S/S 2013 collection by Henry Holland, who I adore! After his role as a judge on the panel of 'Styled to Rock', Henry seems to be very busy and in the spotlight which he absolutely deserves.

The themes of the show seemed to be tie-dye, acid and "rave".

I like the concept of this dress. It's a strapless and the print is a checked blue which almost looks luminescent. Not too sure about the belt though. Love the idea of trainers on the runway, this is what I like about London Fashion Week, you always see original ideas and there are often less constraints with British fashion.

Omg, I need this t shirt! It's so cute!

Here we have the use of metallics and florals against a burgundy colour which looks quite nice. As Holland does, he always adds a twist and this look bares no exception with the thin strap going across the model's neck.

I like this jacket, I think it'd be wearable with jeans.

I like this gold, metallic jacket on its own, I'm not a fan of the dress though. I'd pair the jacket with a simple vest and jeans, Kate Moss style, and maybe platform heels for a night out. However, it makes sense that its paired with this dress on the runway, as this is RTW, buyers can purchase the jacket on its own and pair it with whatever they want.

Henry knows what London style is all about, we've seen quite a bit of acid wash this summer and it looks like it's here to stay.  

Overall, I think this collection oozes creativity. Although I might not wear some of the pieces because they're a bit risky, I like the fact that you never know what Henry Holland is going to deliver next but you just want to know all that more.

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