Friday, 8 July 2022

Hi Corona, Cyprus via Paris & Painting

Dedicated to LaurenChill (a fabulous bad b)

Hi lovelies :)

Hope you're having a fabulous Summer (I'm finding the weather quite muggy in London rn). 

I recently travelled to Cyprus as my lovely colleague, Andrianna originates from here :) I was also curious to be a little more spontaneous on my travels. Usually, I am the gal who packs weeks before and has everything aligned to a tee. I will admit I had no idea where Cyprus was exactly until I recently looked on Google Maps, which was in fact, intriguing.

Unfortunately, I encountered a lot of hassle, delays and strange people, but as someone who practices gratitude, I will look past this to remember the positives of the trip.

Ultimately, the combination of flight cancellations, lack of clear instructions/info on next flights, missing events etc. led to a lot of stress & I wasn't able to get back home to LDN. Also, I felt quite intimidated by the loud voices but I realise this is just a part of their friendly culture (also, thanks so much to the cabbie who brought back my phone). Plus, George Taxis who made sure I got to the airport safe & sound in a beautiful Mercedes van. Also, cannot forgot Elena (Paphos) for the excellent massage. It was the only experience which made me fully relaxed and the hospitality I received in her salon was exceptional <3

I would shout out to EasyJet but all the chaos and nonsense that you put me through has meant I will likely never travel with you again (I'm awaiting my flight voucher). 

Yummy Yummies - fab & fresh Village Salad

Delicious Strawberry Daquiri

Amazing colourful art (whilst we were stuck bc our flight = cancelled)

This Chia Granola Yoghurt Pot & Mango Frappe from Costa >>>

No moo-moo's around here (thanks KYLE, RHOBH) --> leopard print dress (RI) with cycling shorts (SimplyBe)

Painting away my woes - I am stuck with Corona but it doesn't have me.

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