Sunday, 27 December 2020

Lockdown Birthday OOTD (Femme Luxe Collab)

Hey lovelies! Hope you're all doing amazing, despite any current lockdown situations you may be facing across the globe. This year was certainly a different one for me... In a normal context, I'd probably have partied it up in Fulham or had nice dinner plans for my birthday which falls on Christmas Eve. However, as restrictions are in place, I decided to have a cosy evening in with a gluten-free pizza and a glass of Baileys. It could certainly be worse.

I realised that one way I could uplift my spirits is to experiment with fashion and conveniently, I had some new pieces in from the gems at Femme Luxe, who always ensure my wardrobe is filled with colour, trend and Instagrammable looks.

Staying at home is vital to save lives and it's so important for us as women to feel good whilst we do this. If fashion is your go-to, use it! Maybe pull out an old dress you haven't seen since your last Xmas shindig and do some DIY embellishments on the straps... Femme Luxe also has a fab range of loungewear and party dresses to add some glam to your festive season. I'm also using this downtime to invest in my skincare and embracing natural beauty. Sometimes, less is more!

2021 is fast approaching and I wish you all a beautiful New Year ahead with lots of peace, love and prosperity x

What better way to add some colour in your life than with these cute Baby Pink Cuffed Joggers?
Obsessed with this Slogan Lounge Tee - easy to throw on over these classic Black High Waisted Joggers.

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