Saturday 8 April 2017

Katie Queue: Artist, Author, Actor, Musician.

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Hello, I am Katie Queue. 
I live within a world of limitless thought and express outwardly, as if achievement and dedication were my constant trajectory. 

Artist, Author, Actor and Musician, you may think I have over-sold myself and wanting to be everything at once; criticism I so regularly hear. But unfortunately I live with two minds, whilst the other proactively works away at the previous idea, the other half is creating a new one. I'm tired, exhausted actually, but it's the way I am. I can't stop. This flaw, this exhaustive flaw must be put to good use, before it drives me to utter madness; So, here I am. Talking to you. Engaging with you as if you were my friend. 
I am involved in a film project right now, we're in post-production, meeting regularly in a block just up the road from Abbey Studios, strategising the channels in which we will progress our film from canned to viewed. We're realising our audience and we're interviewing and applying to independent film festivals such as Sundance and Berlin. It's got charm this film - an honest and relatable storyline. It has a twist, as it should, and it's a film based upon judgement. We too often circle our own issues without realising that we are but the second side of an argument or misunderstanding, there is someone else involved and someone else with feelings. It's a film about a sibling misunderstanding, and what comes from it, it is about love. The very premise in which everything I create is formed. 

I write a lot, I have five books on Amazon, all exploring and highlighting better ways of thinking and doing things. They are there to not educate, but to help you think. To put yourself in the firing line and address your inner Universe. Your inner Universe is something that magnetically attracts everything else that is going on. These books are there to help you understand the power and the love that is inside of you and using that to heal and create the life you want. 
Music wise, I've done some gigs, some really important ones too. I've played at Europe's largest street art festival. I've played at the same venues as Bob Dylan, Oasis and James Bay. My style is unique, it's storytelling poetry with a pounding heartbeat and a mellow guitar. My voice is silky and reassuring. It's soulful. The stories and the use of words are mature and intelligent. Recorded straight to phone with absolutely no technical input, the sound is as raw as you're going to get. 

I'm inspired by a lot you know - work mainly. My past roles have seen me work in Mental Health, where service users were suffering within their own confinement and suffered from the isolation that brought. That experience made me think. I've also worked in a very corporate London environment, office gossip being as destabilising and damaging as ever. But what brought about these pieces of art; whether it is a book, a film or a piece of music, is the real-life exposure I have, with so many different people from so many different walks of life. From the corporate office manager whose having an affair, to the drugged up medicated schizophrenic, to the smartest loner in the room who gets bullied regularly. 
Every person has a story and every person needs to be heard. So this is Katie Queue. I listen intently and I understand what context that medium deserves, is it going to be a film? Is it going to be a piece of art, or a book, or a piece of music? These are my inspirations, you are my inspirations. 
I would say follow me, follow me for the person I am and the work that comes from it. It is here for you. Take what you need. 

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Youtube: Katie & the Queue

Tickets for Katie's 'Designing Life' event can be purchased here.

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