Sunday, 1 January 2017

Fuerteventura Swimwear Lookbook: Owning My Body

Happy New Year you beautiful people! 

I hope you all stayed safe celebrating and I pray you all have a wonderful year ahead filled with love, joy and positivity. 

Your New Years gift from me is seeing me in a bikini xD Nah jk, but I am going to finally upload this lookbook I did in Fuerteventura. I recently treated myself to a quick break in the Canary Islands as I'm sure most of you know how tough this year has been for me. I realised that it's okay to take a break from things, especially when you're the one doing everything pretty much on your own. It can get tough as shit. So basically I needed some R&R and the sun and sand didn't hurt either... 

After my Mykonos lookbook, I gained a lot of confidence and really started to embrace the body positivity movement. I'm so grateful for all the support I've received doing these posts and I'm so happy that I've been featured on so many pro-curves Instagram pages in the last few months. I hope that I can continue to inspire my fellow curvy women to feel confident in their own skin. Yes, I'm still on a journey but I've come to realise that tomorrow isn't promised to any of us, so we can either spend today feeling anxious about our fat rolls, stretchmarks and cellulite or we can say 'fuck it' and sashay out the sea Baywatch style, thighs rubbing and all... I know which I'd prefer...

I decided to shoot two looks: one bikini, one swimsuit. I've been absolutely obsessed with SimplyBe this last year as they have such a range of styles for curvier girls and everything I've bought from them has fitted like a glove. I bought these two and low and behold, I was impressed with the fit. 

The bikini is high-waisted and super comfortable... the panels on the side at that pinch of sexiness too... I usually stay clear of halter-neck styles because they push my arm fat out but I'm at such a stage of 'I don't give a fuck' that I could wear this without worrying :)

The swimsuit was my favourite by far... it was so comfortable I didn't want to take it off and the strapless style was super flattering. The tummy control was just enough and it enhanced my curves in the right places. I would definitely recommend checking out the site if you're going on holiday soon and are in need of some beautiful, affordable, good quality swimwear. 

Leopard Bikini: SimplyBe 

Jewelled Swimsuit: SimplyBe

Hotel: Elba Sara Hotel