Saturday, 2 July 2016

Mykonos Swimwear Lookbook for Curves Part 1

Hey lovelies!

I thought I'd finally upload part 1 of my Mykonos swimwear lookbook. I really wanted to do a mini-lookbook whilst I was out there to show you guys what I turn to in terms of swimwear and coverups. I am currently a size 14-16 so it can be quite difficult to find flattering swimwear so when I do, I'm the first one to show it off!

I struggled quite a bit with body confidence whilst I was there... maybe it had something to do with the fact that everyone around me was super, super slim and had the idealised bikini bodies we all know too well. I've been a bit low about my weight for quite some time now but I didn't know it would impact me as much as it did whilst I was out there. Even things like tanning by the pool were a bit daunting as I didn't want people to stare at me weirdly. To top those anxieties, I think the European ideal of what a fit and healthy body should look like is so different to anywhere else in the world.

I do want to lose weight, but I don't want to be skinny nor totally slim. I just feel like I was meant to be curvaceous and yes to find the perfect balance when you're bigger is difficult but I think with some more effort I can shed some pounds and be where I need to be. Until then though, I don't see the point in shying anyway and being scared. I really got to a point on the trip where I was like 'I can either feel ashamed or I can flaunt this'. I eventually chose the second and all you ladies out there need to do the same with me! Who gives a f* what society says anyway? We are all beautiful and in the end, we are not our bodies, we are our souls.

Tummy-Control Swimsuit: Bryon Blue Australia (TkMaxx)
I loved this swimsuit because it gave me the option of removing the straps which I did as I found the strapless look more flattering for me. The tummy control was the best I've ever gotten with a swimsuit and the ruching detail really helps to conceal.

I found that this was great for me because it clinged where it needed to cling. With many swimsuits, they end up highlighting the areas I want to conceal but I felt this gave me the shape I wanted.

If you're a similar size to me or larger I would definitely recommend going to TkMaxx and taking a look at what's on offer as you can definitely pick up some bargains like this... always try them on though!