Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Mykonos Swimwear Lookbook for Curves Part 2

So this is the last and final part of my Mykonos swimwear lookbook...  It's been long overdue but I have finally gotten round to posting this!

In the grand scheme of things, yes it's not a huge deal that I took some pictures of myself in some swimwear whilst on holiday. It may not mean much to most but to me, it was quite a liberating experience. I'm still struggling with confidence issues and resentment towards myself about the way I look but I'm trying to push past it the best way I can and this was one of the big hurdles for me.

I have to credit the blogger/vlogger, Grace Victory for her wise words as a fellow curvy fashionista. This particular video inspired me a lot and made me realise that it is possible for a curvy woman to wear a bikini and to slay, slay, slay. Grace is open and honest about the realities of being a plus-size woman and talks very truthfully about things like stretchmarks, rolls, 'chub rub' and more... All of this I throughly admire and appreciate because we need more positive messages about body confidence now more than ever!

I was so close to not even packing my bikini for Mykonos because I thought, 'I'm not actually going to be able to bring myself to wear this'. I'll be completely honest, I wore it for the pictures that I took inside my suite but I couldn't bring myself to go outside in it and sit down with rolls hanging out which, looking back, is quite saddening but I don't want to lie or deceive anyone here.

Swim Bralet & High-Waist Bikini: River Island
I'm not fully there yet in my confidence levels and I know I have some weight to lose in order to feel better about myself. Although I didn't wear the bikini out of my suite, I do feel proud that I was at least able to put it on. As Grace says, the biggest thing to conquer is getting the damn thing on your body!

I have more images with this bikini but I'm not entirely comfortable releasing them because I think they're a little bit 'much' and I don't really want to put my stretchmarks out there for everyone to see D: Saying this though, I felt that I really wanted to include at least one image of myself wearing it to help show the world that every female has a choice in what they want to wear and that choice is never wrong. I want to help be a part of the body confidence movement that helps younger girls out there to feel good about themselves and not pressurised into conforming to the unrealistic norms that the media constantly force down our throats.

Sequinned Cover-Up: Primark
Luckily today curves are now 'in' and plus-size modelling is huger than ever which is absolutely amazing and so empowering to see (Jada Sezer is currently my ultimate WCW!) However, we still do have a long way to go and as much as I stan for Kim K sometimes, I do feel that the worshipping of her figure is quite worrying because her shape is not necessarily the most achievable or 'natural'.

When I look at my body, I feel grateful to have boobs and a butt and an hourglass figure but not so grateful to have a flabby stomach and huge thighs. Mostly this is my fault and a stricter diet and more excercise should help to reduce this but even then, I feel like it's almost impossible to achieve that kind of fat distribution without some form of surgery. Just being real.

Black Stretch Beach Playsuit: New Look
At the end of the trip I realised that no matter what body type you are, you can still enjoy fashion and you have every right to feel good about yourself and work with what you got. I mean, the surface area of my thighs when I sit down is probably greater than Jupiter but after a while you realise that life is way too short to be scared all the time... especially when it comes to the little things.

I don't want to look back ten years down the line and feel that I was a granny in my twenties and all I did was mope around not living life to the fullest degree. I want to feel that I overcame challenges, learnt lessons and used my platform for the greatest good. Trust me, I am ready for the judgement and I welcome it with open arms because guess what, in the wise words of Rico Richie, 'if you ain't got no haters you aint' poppin' ;)