Sunday 12 July 2015

Charles Gross: The Uber Fab YouTuber I'm Obsessed With!

So as of late, I've been obsessed with watching YouTube videos since university is over for me right now. There's one channel I've been a little bit more than the rest though and that is.... Charles Gross.

What I'm a huge fan of is I find him to be a lot more relatable than other YouTubers. Firstly, he's my age and a huge fashionista, very well-spoken and oozes class as well as maturity. It's hard to find people around my age to watch who aren't selling out to the young obsessive 14-15 year olds and therefore tone down everything into this sickening candy-filled PG-rated world.

@CharlesGross on Instagram
Charles, on the other hand, provides quality videos every single time. You can tell that he's being genuine as his vibrant personality shines through in all his videos.

Oh, and to top that, he's extremely knowledgeable when it comes to designers especially in the handbag field as he was once a handbag reseller. From the vids I've seen, he also has lots of experience in the industry with his professional photography as well as doing photoshop retouching. So basically everything he says is based on someone who actually knows what goes on & wishes to share it, unlike a lot of holier-than-thou fashion people who seem to lead this oh-so exclusive lifestyle where nobody without a Birkin can enter. Save me the crocodile tears (& crocodile leather).

Take a look at one of his videos, you'll see how contagious he is...

(I've watched this like 5 times already. It's actually hilarious & extremely accurate, no?)

He makes a lot of vids about designer trends, handbags, advice, first impression videos and a few get-to-know-me's. What I absolutely love are his blogs... I literally play them when I'm doing something in my room like sorting out my wardrobe because I feel he's sitting with me having a conversation because he's so down-to-Earth and believable. Although his videos are immaculately lit, I get the impression that they aren't too overly edited or forced in any way... they seem spontaneous which is always the best in my opinion. 

I watch him so much that I just had to buy one of his 'Get Yourself Sorted' tees because I can just pop this on whenever I'm around basics (talk about next level shade). Here, I'm just wearing it with some pyjama shorts which don't do it much justice but it's so comfy that I had to throw it on.

Bought it because it's super cute but also I wanted something of his because I feel like he really does go that extra mile with his channel. He always puts out regular content, replies to comments, listens to viewers etc. I don't know about you but I don't find many people like that on YouTube nowadays.

Just to let you know, these are all my sincere thoughts. We don't even know each other, just briefly talked via YouTube comments. I've been meaning to mention Charles on my blog for a while now but things have just been super hectic. Anyway, do go check him out & let me know what you think. I'm sure you'll be just as hooked as I am to hear about his latest shopping dilemmas or hilarious high-school stories!

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